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Adventure class. Term 4. Week 1

Welcome back! I hope everyone had a great week off! From now on, posts will be on Mondays with some info and what we will teach the week ahead.

Topic of the term: Fairy tales!

Phonics: igh sound. Tricky words: our, ask.

Maths: comparing by looking and by matching 1 to 1. We will consider "more than", "less than" and "equal to".

Science: identify materials from which objects are made and describe characteristics.

Art: we will create our small world related with The Little Red Riding Hood.

PSHE: Share an experience where they haven’t achieved their goal. Develop their confidence and resilience towards having a growth mindset. Name a strategy to overcome a hurdle.

PE: this Term we will be focused on gymnastics, quoits and bean bags.

Music: this terms we will compare types of music and will sing nursery rhymes.

RE: will talk about Easter and why we celebrate it.

Pictures will be shared on the next Mondays post. Have a great week ahead!

Miss Gonzalez

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