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Adventure class. Term 4. Week 1

Term 4 has started with a very busy week! With many activities and lots of fun!

The topic of this term is Fairy Tales. Have a look at the Curriculum letter to find out more about what we are going to be learning. Related with the topic and Science, we are going to be making potions and experiments! This week adventure children have made a lemon and orange volcano!

The book of the week was The Three Little Pigs and as a design and technology project we have built a house for the Three Little Pigs strong enough to not be knocked over when the wolf blew on it. Even some children had a go to use a saw to build their house!

In phonics we have introduced Phase 4 sounds which are 2 consonants together. It will be very important for good pronunciation of the words in order to hear all the sounds in it. Encourage them to talk like "whales" so that they say the words slowly and hear all the sounds in the word.

In Maths we have consolidated the order of the first 10 numbers and understanding the position that each number holds in our number sequence does not change. Also we have consolidated their understanding that each number has a value "1 more" than the previous number.

Look at the lovely pictures of the World Book Day where children listened to stories from different teachers and we had a live session with the actual Axel Scheffler!

Please have a look at the school website to view homework set for your child. This is a fantastic and exciting opportunity for your child to design and send off their logos for the space rockets.

There is a small questionnaire to complete but please ensure you put our school's name and postcode. I would really appreciate a copy of your child's logo design.

Have a great weekend!

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