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Adventure class. Term 4. Science week.

Science week has been full of interesting and fun activities! thanks to Mrs. Coles for organising.

On Monday children came dressed up as something related with "Growth". Here you can see them, creating their own fairy tale.

On Tuesday The Birdman came to school! It was a great fun learning about different species of birds, watching them fly and even taking a picture with some of the birds! It was a great experience and everyone was super excited!

The fairy tale of the week was Jack and the Beanstalk and of course Adventure children planted some magic beans in pots and will watch how a beanstalk grows. How exciting!

In Phonics we carry on with Phase 4 sounds and use them to put them into words and into sentences. The tricky words of the week: out, one, went.

In Maths children consolidates their understanding of he composition of numbers by investigating ways to make 7 and 8, and try to count them without counting with our "fast eyes" and counting to a 100.

The experiment of the week was related with the exploration of some chemicals and predicting what will happen when we mix them together. Fascinating!

Have a lovely weekend everyone!

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