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Adventure class. Term 3. Week 3

Another week in the year has gone past whilst Adventure children learn and have lots of fun!

Reading time is still on going to review all those sounds we have learned so far. Please note, we don't expect your child to finish the book as soon as they get a new one, as I mentioned before 10 min daily should be more that enough to practise the reading book and perhaps 5 min more to read the word bag couple of times per week.

The phonics focus this week has been recap. Children were writing their own crazy sentences! They really enjoy this activity. If you practise at home can you encourage your child to use the right letter formation and words with sounds that we have learned so far.

In Maths we had a go at composing and decomposing numbers to 5 creating our own songs, ask your child about the "5 little aliens" song.

Have a lovely weekend everyone!

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