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Adventure class. Term 3. Week 2.

Adventure children have started the year with a great positive attitude ready to learn.

This week we have enjoyed our first playtime with our buddies. Everyone was looking forward to this moment and they had a great fun!

In Phonics the children were on fire! We have introduced 3 new sounds and everyone is doing really well recognising and writing them. New sounds: sh, th, ng. Please, keep on practising reading at home, now they have a new book and all the sounds in their book bag. No new tricky words this week.

In Maths we are working on rote counting to 20 and composition and decomposition numbers to 5. Children investigate part-part-whole relations, eg. 5 can be made of 3 and 2, and 4 and 1, and 5 and 0.

In Science we are learning about the Seasons and describing some of the features in each of them. Thanks to parents who brought some accessories for our Hot and Cold Role Play. We are welcome to receive any more of your spare things at home that you are not using ( scarfs, gloves, hats, sun hats, sun scream bottles, sunglasses,...etc).

Have a lovely weekend!

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