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Adventure class. Term 2. Week 5

The time has gone past ever so quickly and December its already here! Adventure children have started their advent calendar and many other Christmassy activities!

Today children brought their home made stars and we put them up on the Nettlebed School Christmas Tree, each of the children are getting extra house points and the winner of the competition will get many more! Also, on today was our treat day and children enjoyed playing with their favourite toy in school!

This week we have started to write our letter to Father Christmas! Children are so excited thinking about what is coming up! As well, for Phonics this week we have been doing a recap of everything learnt so far, and now Adventure children can write sentences without tricky words tricking them!

In Art we have been using different drawing techniques and this weeks masterpieces were how to draw their living rooms and to make them look Christmassy with them in it and their families enjoying together.

In Maths we revisit the concept 1:1 correspondence by making sure that they match collections of objects to their representations and that the last number in the count tell us how many there are together, we matched this numbers with visuals, actions (jumps) and sounds (claps). Also we revisited quantities to 5, and different ways to make 5.

Next week on Monday, is the deadline to bring their underneath clothes for their costumes. Thanks for practicing their lines at home, do not worry about knowing the rest of the dialog to know when they have to talk, since we are practicing almost every day and I will be there on the day of the play to remind them if they need help.

Have a great weekend!

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