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Adventure class. Term 2. Week 3

Another great week has gone past where Adventure children have learned lots whilst having lots of fun!

In Science we are talking about Animals and their habitats, linked with it in Arts we have created our own habitat with our favourite animal! We got masterpieces as a result! Also, we talked about living and non living things and their attributes.

In Phonics we have learned j, v, w. Now children can write some cvc (consonant, vowel, consonant) with "s" at the end (taps, runs, webs, etc). A couple of words tried to trick us like "to" and "go". This week I am specially impressed by some of the children that have started to have a go to write some sentences just with a bit of help!

In Maths we have talked about "whole" and "parts" by investigating their own bodies and toys, they will begin to understand that whole things are often made up of smaller parts. Also, we have started to compare things by size, height and length, using the key words bigger than, smaller than, taller than, shorter than, longer than, shorter than.

This week we have started to rehearse the Nativity. Please, look at their planners to find out what your child's character is in the play, the parts that they have to learn (please can they practise them at home to gain confidence with their part) (not everyone has a spoken part), and the clothes they will need for underneath their costumes. Costumes will be provided by the school. Please can you make sure to send their underneath clothes by the 5th of December. We'll have a dress rehearsal also that week.

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