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Adventure class. Term 2. Week 1.

What a great first week! Adventure children have been super busy doing lots of activities.

The topic of the term is Festivals and Celebrations. Our first celebration this week was Diwali where we made our own cards with lovey writing for mummies and daddies to wish them Happy Diwali! Also in PE we are learning a dance related with Diwali celebrations!

The next celebration we have talked about is Bonfire Night, children have learned why we celebrate it, and for arts we have created lovely fireworks with just water colours and a straw!

In Phonics we have introduced h, b, f, ff. Now adventure have red words/tricky words in their word bags: I, the. In school we play a game to create our own crazy sentences with those words we've learned (ex: The cow is green).

The focus in Maths this week was deepening their understanding of 5 as a quantity by linking the number itself to the fingers on one hand. Children have explored ways to represent numbers to 5 using all types of resources around the classroom. You can carry on practicing at home singing song like "5 little peas in a peapod pressed" or "5 little ducks".

Have a great weekend everyone!

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