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Adventure class. Term 1. Week 7

The end of the first term has arrived! There is no doubt that the time flies!

Adventure children have been all super stars and they have gone trough achieving many goals, making lots of friends and having a great fun!

Some of this new friends have been Year 6 children. Buddy time has been a success and everyone is always looking forward to these moments:

In class we say that adventure children are becoming experts in phonics and now they can create and write their own words, mostly by themselves!

Please, keep on reviewing the letters sounds that now are in their word bags. You can play games like, finding words that begin, end or contains that letter. They can create cvc words (consonant vowel consonant) with their letters or you can suggest a word that contains any of the phonics learned (s a t p i n m d g o c k ck e u r). Next term we will learn some more!

As an addition, here you can sign up to a website that helps children to learn phonics and read words. Children love it and the best part... is free!

PE is one of the favourite subjects at the moment and this is because children have been super active climbing, jumping, moving around in different ways, playing games...etc. Here you can see their happy faces whilst they develop their physical skills.

For Maths you can keep on practicing ways to make 4, counting beyond 20, count without counting to 4, creating patterns with objects by looking at their attributes, and comparing quantities (less, more, fewer than, more than). Here there is a website where you can find many maths games

Have a lovely break everyone!

Miss Gonzalez

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