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Adventure class. Term 1. Week 6

Another great week has gone past full of activities and fun!

On Monday was the day without electricity and Eco art work, where Adventure children joined with the whole school to create some art out of recycling materials and they really enjoyed it!

In Phonics this week we have learned k, ck, e, u. Now children know all the vowels which means they can have a go to write many different words like cup, get, kick, kid, etc.

Adventure children are getting better and better at reading our new books and sharing reading with a partner. This week we got to talk about a cat that was a bit silly and children loved to talk about the story and their pets.

In maths we have investigated ways to create 4, with different shapes (cubes, circles...) and different arrangements beginning to develop their skills of conceptual subitising up to 4. They are beginning to notice sub groups that can be perceived within a larger group (1-3,2-2, 4-0). Ask your child to create arrangements with peas, beans, chips, looking at the shapes.

In Art we were making the most of Autumn and the lovely colourful leaves are falling off the trees. This week we have created some creatures/animals with different leaf sizes and shapes.

Please parents can you send your child through the gate by themselves or with a friend.

Can you send your child with the hair up.

Have a great weekend!

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