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Adventure class. Term 1. Week 5

What a great week has gone past! Adventure children have been super busy with lots of activities and lots of learning.

This Thursday was National Poetry Day and Adventure children created a poem related with the season we are in, Autumn. For that reason we went out to look at the trees and the colourful leaves, to get inspired for our poem.

Phonics focus this week was d, g, o, c. Adventure children can now write many different words like dog, pot, cot, top... just ask them to have a go at the robot technique to spell out the word in order to hear the sounds.

In Maths this week we have learned about number composition of 3 and 4, composing and de-composing numbers involves children investigation part-whole models relations. Children will learn that a whole is made up of smaller parts. Also we have explored ABC, AAB, and ABB patterns; we have discovered that we can do repeating patterns with many different things like pegs, blocks, leaves, sticks, movements, actions, people attributes...

In Science, we are learning about our bodies, similarities and differences. Do we have the same hands size? The older we are the taller we get?

The new reading scheme is working really well. I appreciate that is 1 book a week and we need to make the most of it. Unfortunately, we are not allowed to give them more reading books, but here are some suggestion to enjoy the story to the maximum.

- Talk about the story, retell the story, predict what is going to happen next, talk about the characters, which character is your favourite? why?, how do you think they are feeling, what would you do in their position, what do you think they will do in another chapter, we can create random, crazy situations, let go your imagination and creativity (ex: what if they are dipping their cookie in water instead hot chocolate, what if they have coffee? oh no! they are children!). The characters are children so they can identify with them.

- Identify the letter sounds. Blend them, put them into words. They can have a go at writing them, challenge them, can you put the word "tap" in your head and have a go at writing it without looking? They can use the robot technique to identify the letter sounds in the word.

Here you have more suggestions:

Download • 670KB

Can you please send your child on Monday with a bag of clean recycling stuff, please can you pass on this message on the what's up group.

Many thanks

Have a lovely weekend everyone!

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