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Adventure class. Term 1. Week 3

What a great week we had! Adventure children are coming in happy to school and they all settled in really well, making new friends whilst learning and having fun.

In Phonics we have been practicing our Alphabet Chant.

We are getting a lot better with the actions! Also, we have started to learn the letter sounds "s" "a" "t" and write them! Here you can see how proud they are!

In Maths we have learnt to subitise, rather than counting, with our fast eyes! Numbers to 3.

Perceptual subitising is used for very small sets of objects, looking at the patterns.

Apart from Maths and Phonics Adventure have enjoyed many other areas like Science where we are learning all about me and our body parts. Being more conscious about the perception of ourselves and others, similarities and differences.

Have a lovely weekend everyone!

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