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Adventure class. Term 1. Week 2

What a great start of the academic year it has been! The new adventure children have been super brave coming to school all by themselves and getting on with the day! They have earned a well deserved certificate because everyone did so well at settling in, following the routine and having great play time with their new friends!

Enjoy the pictures of the week:

Next week:

Phonics: we will play games like I sky with my little eye, rhyming words, sing the alphabet song and we will start blending and segmenting cvc (consonant, vowel, consonant) words.

Maths: we will play some maths games, rote counting to 10 and 20.

PE: gymnastics and balancing.

Art: we will explore drawing skills and draw pictures about their families.

PSHE: we will talk about themselves and their families, so please can I ask you to send a picture of your family to get them to talk about it. (parents, siblings, pets? and grand parents). You can send it to

And more...

Thanks to parents for being patient during picking up time. It will take a bit longer to remember 58 faces :)

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