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Adventure class. Term 1. Week 1

What an amazing start of school! Adventure children are superstars settling in school really well!!

This week's focus was to settle all children and get used to our new routine; and the truth is that everyone is doing really well. Here we have the proof! We introduced ourselves, we played different games and did lovely activities like drawing ourselves and our family. Everyone is getting to know each other, and getting to know the teachers.

Also, we have started to decorate our classroom creating beautiful and colourful displays about us.

Everyone has now a library book to share with parents at home. We have seen rhyming words so this could be a focus at home (ex: pot, hot, cot). Please keep this book in their book bag to change it next week. Also some children will have a planner in their book bag, though we need to order some more.

Have a lovely weekend everyone!!

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