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Adventure class. T2. Week 1

What had an amazing start to the term it has been! Adventure children have been buzzing with excitement, immersing themselves in our new topic of Festivals and Celebrations. This week, we took a moment to remind them of the historical significance behind Bonfire Night - a celebration marking the survival of the king from an assassination attempt long ago.

Engaged and enthusiastic, the children have been busy crafting their own spectacular fireworks displays. Now, our covered area is decorated with their colourful creations, transforming it into an even more festive space for everyone to enjoy.

Here you can see how hard Adventure children are working on their new letters, h, b and f!

In our math lessons, we've begun exploring various ways to make the number 4, such as understanding number bonds like 2 and 2, 3 and 1, and 4 and 0. As a fun activity, we encouraged the children to look around their homes and discover different objects or items that represent these combinations to reinforce their understanding of number relationships.

In our science lessons, we've been exploring the distinction between living and non-living things. The children enthusiastically participated, leading to the creation of a delightful display to showcase their newfound knowledge.

Next weeks learning:

Phonics: l, ll and ss.


h b f ff 4

l ll ss 5

Maths: we will use the language of comparison to describe sets of objects, using "more than" and "fewer than".

Science: we will keep on talking about pets.

Art: the celebration of the week will be Diwali so we will create lovely Rangoli patterns, hopefully on the playground.


Download PDF • 941KB

Please parents, make sure that your children bring a coat or raincoat and a water bottle every day.

Have a lovely weekend everyone!

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