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Adventure class. T2, W2.

What an amazingly busy week it has been! The Adventure children delighted us with their Diwali-related activities. Artemis's dad spoke about the celebration, we created Rangoli patterns, and even danced to a Diwali song!

Next week promises more excitement with Pudsey's visit and a challenge of 1000 "bearpees."

As we gear up for our Nativity, most children have sentences to learn. Please find them in their planner for practice at home.

Additionally, parents have requested a wishing list for items we might need, new or second-hand. If you have bikes with stabilizers or without, any of the listed items or similar, your contribution would be greatly appreciated.

Next week' learning:

Phonics: j, v, w. Trickies: go, to, as, of.

Reading book:

Maths: practise 1 to 1 correspondence, and how many things there are altogether. Key focus: understanding 5 linking the number to the 5 fingers on 1 hand and begin to explore ways to represent numbers to 5.

Science: we will talk about farm animals.

Topic work: we will talk about birthdays!


Have a great weekend everyone!

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