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Adventure class. T1 W5

What an amazing week it has been! Adventure children had a special treat today, and they truly deserved it after all their hard work. It's important for them to keep up the great effort! Take a look at some pictures from their buddy time and the patterns they've been working on. We even made patterns with the children!

A big thank you to Georgia's family for their generous donation to Adventure class, new cushions for our Reading area! Children love it!

Parents, please encourage your little ones to practice at home. Can they create patterns with toys, LEGO pieces, or building blocks?

In Phonics, the children have been practicing their letter formation. They have taken home two optional worksheets. If they complete and return them, they will earn house points. Use the cues we provide in the Phonics bag, like "for P, down the parrot, up around the parrot." Encourage them to say it aloud while writing.

Looking ahead to next week's learning:

- Phonics: Focus on the letters G, O, C, and K.

- Reading: They will receive their first reading book to take home. If blending three sounds is tricky, try blending the first two and adding the third one. For example, t-a-p, ta-p, tap. Please make sure you keep this book every day in their book bags since we will use them almost every day, this is very important since we have the right amount of books!

- Maths: We will be working on counting with 1-to-1 correspondence and practicing 2D shapes.

- Science: Our theme will be food and hygiene, tied to our cooking and harvest activities – a delightful surprise!

- PSHE: We will continue discussing families. If you haven't sent your family picture yet, please email us at

For additional resources to support their learning, I've provided some links below. Have a wonderful weekend, everyone!

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