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Adventure Class - Start of Term 3

Happy New Year to you all!

2020 was an extraordinary year and 2021 is already surprising us with a change to the plans for the start of term 3. Flexibility is key to our lives in this current situation. There will be some pupils in Adventure classroom and the timetable of register, phonics, activities, snack, playtimes, maths and topic work will be followed. For those at home here is an outline of the first day. Please choose whether to carry out the activities, dip into some of them or all of them to fit in with your day. Every family will have different circumstances e.g., if parents are working from home or have siblings to consider. Our phonics will include:


Our maths will include:

We are working out the best way forward to help families during this period. We will keep you updated with more information.

Stay safe and stay well, Mrs Lonsdale and Ms Gonzalez

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