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Adventure Class - Final week of term 5

After a super week of visiting Spain and France, learning some vocabulary from the languages and tasting some French food. we move onto two more countries in this last week of term. Where will we go and how could we get there? There will be an opportunity to write questions for interviews and to compare places to our village of Nettlebed.

In phonics we will be using Phase 4 sounds to read and write words and sentences. There will be revision of syllables in words and how we can spell longer words accurately.

When using our maths brains how can we apply our knowledge from the term? We will be asking children to tell us about their understanding of number relationships and patterns.

It has been a full and busy term and we are all looking forward to a half term week of time spent with family and friends. There are more options available for meeting people and going to different places. Whatever you plan to do, enjoy the week and return to school refreshed and ready for the final term of the academic year. This has come around very quickly!

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