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A Christmas filled week in Unicorn

This week we have had a great time learning lots about Christmas, doing some fabulous craft and lots of PE in the hall.

We went out to the field to explore all of the snow on Monday, it was certainly chilly but very exciting to see the field all white! As the playground has been so slippy we have been doing lots of PE in the hall, practicing team games, hopping, skipping, balancing and everyone's favourite; duck duck goose.

In the classroom the children have been playing wonderfully together, making breakfast for one another in the home corner, taking care of koala in the rocking chair and selling ice creams from the shop.

On Wednesday we baked chocolate cookies, looking at how we combine the ingredients, moulding them into balls and seeing how they change once they are baked.

The children have made some wonderful Christmas creations, including, cards, decorations, hats and pictures that will all go home next week in time for the holidays.

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