• Diana Mills

Make a Wormery!

Worms, Glorious worms…

People often think worms are just slimy things but they are actually one of the most important organisms in the world. If you have lots of earthworms it is a sign that your garden is very healthy.

The week I have a few things for you to have a go at...

  1. Making a wormery

  2. Go on a worm hunt

  3. Keep an eye out for things that eat worms

  4. Be a worm champion - protect our worms!


In the UK we have over 29 species of Earthworms… they are important for mixing up the soil and letting air and nutrients in which helps the plants to grow.

They eat things too, and what they poo out (yes worms do poo!), is incredibly good for our fruit and veg plants.

Different species of worm eat different things and have different jobs in the ground.

Not all earthworms are brown/pink either - we have grey, green and even stripy worms underground!

The longest earthworm in the UK can grow to over 30 centimetres.. thats amazing isn't it! What is the longest worm you can find?

To see how worms move and do their work have a go at making a wormery. Here are some simple instructions… I’d love to see what you make so please do send in any pictures. (click on the image to download the PDF.

Project 1: Make a Wormery

Project 2: Go on a worm hunt.. - how many species can you find? (does it make a difference when it rains?). Study the worms, how do they move? Can you move like a worm? Are they fast or slow? Can you draw one? (click on the image below to download a printable version)


It isn’t just the plants that need worms, lots of other animals rely on them for their food. Can you name any that eat worms? This chart from wildaboutgardens.org should help you... can you go out and spot any of these?

Project 3: Look out for things that eat worms

What does the ground look like after the rain? Can you see evidence of worms?


Worms really hate chemicals - this includes any bug killers, weed killers, soaps and anything else that isn’t natural that some people put in their gardens.

Worms also dont like to be disturbed… to try and do minimal digging - instead, make some compost from all your green food waste and put this on top to the soil to help the plants, you dont even need to dig it in as the worms will come up and do it for you, naturally

Project 4: Be a worm champion

Check you garden for nasty chemicals… explain to people you know why worms are important, and why we dont want chemicals.

If you do use them at home, do a worm count now, then stop the chemicals and then do another worm count…. what do you notice?

Stop digging your veg patches... do a little google for the 'no dig method' of green gardening.

Have a great week and do let me know how you get on.


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