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Blooming June

How has the 1st week of 30 Days Wild gone? Have you been more in touch with nature? Found, seen or heard anything amazing? Even if you have only managed a few days, that is brilliant.

So many plants have opened their flowers this month (and lots are nearly over). Have you made your elderflower cordial yet? Most flowers in direct sunlight have gone over already (why do you think this is?)… but there is still plenty left to collect some if you hurry (remember not to take too much from one tree).

The official flower of June is Honeysuckle, one of the most beautifully smelling plants of all time. There are many colours and varieties, and some that only smell at certain times for the day - do you have any in your garden, or growing in the wild around you?

Roses usually come into their own this month too and many of them are fragrant - we love to collect the fallen petals, dry them on the boiler and then make some art. The petals in our garden have inspired this weeks challenge... NATURE ART

If you are at school, see if you can get to the herb garden just inside the walled garden gates and see what you like the smell of (if it isn’t too overgrown). Or are there any flowers in the school playground?

Here is a link to a wonderful blog with lots of images…

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