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London to Cairo Duathlon - Monday 4th May to Sunday 10th May

We are excited to announce that whilst social distancing measures continue, we will be participating in a 3,509 km London to Cairo Duathlon being organised by The Children’s Challenge. The school will be undertaking this challenge alongside a large number of other primary schools around the country. The aim is to complete the distance in a week. There will be a leaderboard based off the average distance per pupil and, as such, every pupil is encouraged to participate. Every km counts!

The challenge starts on Monday 4th May. Families should participate independently of each other and adhere to the Government guidelines on social distancing. For those that don’t have access to GPS devices, to measure the daily distance travelled the school has been granted access to full Ordnance Survey mapping via Digimap. Every family can access this software at: and enter the following:

Username: RG95DA (no gap)

Password: drolds0604

The daily distance is submitted via a link on The Children’s Challenge website which also contains instructions on how to use Digimap. It is extremely straightforward.

The website will show the progress made by all participating schools. For more information and to familiarise yourself with the rules of this epic competition please visit:

Good luck and remember the school’s honour is at stake!

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