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Sensory Explosion

Sensory Explosion!

It was lovely to see SO many of you last week on our Zoom call. I do hope you have had fun making your animal tracking traps, I am looking forward to seeing who ate your food! Please don’t worry if you didn’t do it, or it went wrong, you can try again and share anything you find next week. Send me any pictures by clicking here

This week I have a few projects that will help you get even closer to the nature around you - we are going to use all of our senses!

Project 1 - PHOTGRAPHY

Find any camera you have at home - I used my iPhone and even had a play with an app called SnapSpeed (its free) to enhance the images. You don’t have to do this but it is great fun to play.

Take 3 pictures :

  1. A close up of a flower, butterfly or bee (you’ll have to stay very still and see if you can creep up on it!)

  2. A landscape (basically a nature scene that you love)

  3. A pattern in nature

Send them to me here and I’ll pop them on the school website

Project 2 - SOUND MAP

This is an excellent exercise to get your ears in tune with what is around you - both nature and human noises.

1. Find a quiet spot in the garden or a space outside that means something to you and have a pen and paper ready.

2. Draw a quick picture of you in the middle of the page and then sit quietly.

What do you hear? What direction is it coming from?

3. Draw a picture of what you think is making the sound on your paper in the direction you think it came from.

If you want to expand on this project and really identity some of the wildlife you hear, try and look hard at the spot the sound is coming from - do you know what bird it is? Or is it an insect?

Have a look at my bird ID sheet, or ask your parents if you can use the Chirp! bird app to identify bird song (we think it is quite addictive)

Try and do this at different times of day and see if there are different sounds.

Project 3 - Hapa Zome

The full instructions are on the PDF I created here. This is great fun and very noisy. (pronounced ha-pa zo-me)

Look for different colours, different textures, patterns and sizes of plants. But remember, only pick things where there is an abundance as plants need leaves to grow and insects need plants for food.

What works best and keeps its pattern?

Please do send me your pictures!

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