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HAPPY EARTH DAY! (For tomorrow)

This is such a HUGE day as it is the 50th Anniversary of Earth Day!

I have to admit, I didn’t know an awful lot about this event before I started researching but given what is going on in the world, and all the amazing changes we have seen since we have been in lockdown I thought it was too important not to talk to you about.

What is it and why do we celebrate?

In 1970 over 20 million Americans (10% of the entire population at the time) protested for environmental protection. What came of it was clear air and water legislation, and has grown into the Environment Protection Agency.

I personally think this is an amazing thing to celebrate. It shows us the power of our voices in standing up for things we believe in, and the health of our planet is definitely worth standing up for

What can you do?

Just be outside and appreciate all the amazing things. To help protect nature, we need to understand it and love it… so start by building a connection with something in your garden, or a tree in the woods. Look at it, feel it, try to imagine how you would feel if it wasn’t there. If you want to draw it, take a photo or write about it and how you feel that is brilliant too - I’d love to know so please do send anything to your class teacher who will pass it on.

I highly recommend you have a look at NASA's website too and their Earth Day Toolkit - there are some amazingly interesting things going on.

I have added some attachments to the blog - mindful colouring, and some endangered species top trumps… see this weeks challenge

More exciting news...

This week is also special because of the LYRID meteor shower which happens between 16-25th April each year. If your parents say it is ok, try and stay up later tonight (weds), turn off the lights and look out of the window, or take a mat and lie in the garden.

The meteor shower is caused by Earth moving through an area of debris from the tail of comet Thatcher. Each dust particle (meteoroid) that hits the earths atmosphere can be seen as a ‘shooting star’ - do some research and see if you can work out why this happens.

See if you can count them all and do let me know.

The image here was seen in Berkshire on Sunday 19th April, isn’t it amazing!

(image curtesy of Newbury Today)

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