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Animal Week


With World Earth day this week, it's time to celebrate all things nature, especially all the animals around us and across the world. So along with all the Earth Day stuff, this week I actually have 3 tasks for you.. .2 smaller ones and one that requires construction…


Your name followed by and animal that starts with the same letter.

Mine is Diana Dingo. It would be lovely in our zoom call if you could have a few facts about your animal, maybe where it lives, and why you chose it.


Make a top trump card of your animal…see my template attached - if this doesn’t work just send me the information and I will populate it. See if you can work out what rating it is on the “Red List” too. ( It will be amazing if we can get a big pack of top trumps for the school.


This is your chance to see what animals live in your garden, or if you have easy access to the woods, see what you can find there. Just remember not to leave any rubbish, and make sure the food you leave out is natural for the animals you think you will be attracting (i.e don’t leave out cooked human food/meat).

To find the instructions click on this link 'Guess Who' and it will download as a PDF, or look at the button at the top "Week 1 Project"

Just remember, you can use any sized box and cut an opening in it for the size of animal that you think you will attract (make sure you have an opening big enough to put the food in).

Here are some examples of our traps... our dog got into 2 of them so messed up the animal tracks, but it has been a good learning experience!

Please share your work with your class teacher who will forward it to me and I can add pictures to the website. We will share it before talking about the next project next Wednesday.

Have a fab week

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