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Year 5s set pupils on the right track at Orienteering Event

Last week we hosted an Orienteering event for the schools in the Woodcote Partnership. This popular event has a competitive element but it is also a learning opportunity for the participants. Before the final competition, the teams complete three activities designed to teach the skills that are needed in Orienteering. Our Year 5 pupils did a splendid job of teaching these skills and visiting schools were very complimentary about them. Mr Jones from Whitchurch said this to them:

"I was very impressed with your leadership skills throughout the afternoon, particularly how well you explained the various activities to the younger pupils and encouraged them as they competed. I know that many of the children had not had any experience of orienteering before and so may have been a little nervous. However, as you were all so welcoming and friendly, the pupils immediately felt at ease and were able to not only enjoy a fantastic competition but learn a new sport"

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