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Supporting your child with maths at home

Active Learn, to which the school subscribes, have recently introduced a new area to help you support your child’s maths learning. Click on the ‘Grown-ups’ tab at the top right of your child’s home page and then select ‘Maths at home’ or ‘Calculation methods and mathematical models’ to find out more.

‘Maths at home’ looks at age specific activities you can do to help your child as they move through the school years. There are simple games you can play, discussions you can have and suggestions for equipment you might find useful.

’Calculation methods and mathematical models’ explains some of the maths language your child is taught and the strategies that they might employ to solve a calculation. It also exemplifies the methods that we use to build towards an understanding of written addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.

As always, if you have questions about any aspect of your child’s learning in maths, please do have a word with me or your class teacher, and we will be happy to explain

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