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Orienteering Event at Nettlebed

Cardinal Cones

Photo Hunt and Map Orientation

Teams from the Woodcote Primary Partnership enjoyed an afternoon of Orienteering at Nettlebed last week. Our Year 5s took charge and led a range of skill-based activities which included learning how to use maps to navigate, careful observation of features around the grounds and navigation using points of the compass. The Y3/4 pupils taking part had a great time and the visiting staff were all very complimentary about our Year 5 leaders. The letter below from Mr Jones at Whitchurch says it all.

Dear the Year 5 pupils at Nettlebed School, I just wanted to send a note of thanks for all of your hard work in organising and running the orienteering event today.

Our pupils greatly enjoyed the event and that is in no small part down to the excellent leadership skills you showed in helping them learn a range of orienteering skills. You gave clear instructions; were always willing to help them when they were finding a task tricky; and your enthusiasm clearly rubbed off on our Year 3/4 pupils as they completed each activity with a smile on their face. Thanks once again. Mr Jones Whitchurch Primary School

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