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Feeling Proud - Y3/4 Girls at Football Tournament.

The Year 3/4 Girls have a lot to feel proud about. They put in an amazing team effort to come 2nd in last week's tournament. Millie was the top goal scorer and lead the team superbly; she offered advice to her team mates and made sure the ball was passed around on the pitch.

Sophie was awarded the Olympic Value medal for Courage. In her first football tournament she didn't hold back and really got stuck in, as did the whole team. Anna did a great job in goal with Evie, Chloe, Polly and Sophie providing effective defense. Olivia, Amelie and Millie kept the pressure up at the front and with a strong attack, managing 3 wins (5-0, 2-0 and 1-0). They drew two games (1-1 and 0-0) and lost just one game (1-0) to the eventual winners, Whitchurch.

From left: Evie, Chloe, Polly, Anna, Amelie ,Olivia, Sophie and Millie

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