New EYFS 2020

The Transition Process for EYFS pupils starting in 2020

Meet the Teachers

Mrs Lonsdale and Ms Gonzalez would like to invite each of you to meet with them virtually, most likely via Zoom, to discuss your child. Please can you do the following:


  • Complete the ‘Information about your child’ document and return it to the office email address. I appreciate it is one more form but this one is actually about your child as a person and so is the more interesting of all the forms! You can also print this off and send it in or drop it through the letterbox.

  • Email the school office with a time you can meet the teachers. Appointments are available from the 1st July 2020 to the 10th July and between 3.30 and 4.30pm. Each appointment should last about 20 minutes to half an hour. If you are unable to make these dates and times, then please let the office know so they can suggest an alternative time. During the meeting we will go through your answers and discuss anything which you feel is really important for us to know about your child.

  • Complete the attached ‘All about me’ document with your child. The children usually do something similar when they come for their visits and then the teachers put them up in the classroom so there is something familiar when they come in September. The pictures can be photographs or hand drawn. This can be posted in, scanned in and emailed back but it would be lovely to have something of the child’s writing or drawing on their if possible.

The teachers speaking to your child’s current setting

The Early Years teachers over the next few weeks will begin to call your child’s current setting. They will ask to speak to their key worker to hear all about your child in their setting. This will include how your child settles, how they play with others as well as other areas relating to their development. This is a great way for the teachers to know how best to support your child when they start in school.

Getting to know the school and life in Adventure Class

When children normally start at Nettlebed Community School, we offer a meeting for all parents as well as several sessions for the children in the classroom. This year, we will do this virtually. We would like to offer you:

  • A virtual tour

  • A photographic ‘Day in the life of a child in Adventure Class’

  • Frequently asked questions document to answer some of the questions we usually encounter

  • A welcome and meeting (virtually) with the Head to ask any questions you still would like to ask

Welcome to Year 6!

I would like to invite you to a meeting with the Head Teacher and Early Years staff on July 2nd at 7.30pm. It will take place via Zoom and we will send you the link nearer the time as well as some basic conduct rules as we consider the session equivalent of being in school and therefore ask participants to treat it in the same manner. During the meeting, we will explain a little more about general school life and Mrs Lonsdale and Ms Gonzalez will explain what a typical day will look like for your children. There will also be an opportunity to ask any questions should you wish. Please find attached a frequently asked question document which might answer some of the questions you may have but we are of course very happy to answer more.


Please do remember that it will be a group meeting so should you want to discuss any private matters, then we can arrange this separately.

Starting in September 2020

Most years we have been able to share with you what the start of the year will look like in terms of transition and adjustments we make such as shorter days or alternating days for different groups. This has been different most years depending on numbers starting, the amount of days in the first week and the needs of the children starting. We will only be able to issue this plan once we know what the government intends to suggest for September 2020 with regards to the entire school population. Currently this is unclear and schools are finding out information at the same time as the general public. We also recognise that the children will not have had the same transition as normal and so the building and people will be completely new to many of them. This will of course be taken into account when we make the decisions as to how we proceed. Whilst we appreciate this is difficult for working parents, it is not a situation we can change at the moment. We thank you for your support and patience.


Should you have any immediate concerns with your child starting or Special Educational Needs you wish to discuss before your first meeting with the teachers, then please do get in touch via the office email.


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