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Zoom Sessions for 2019/2020

Your class teacher will send you the details for their personal sessions. Additionally, across the school, we are offering the following:


Adventure class  topic launch at 9.30 on Monday and a daily phonics or story session


Challenger, Discovery, Investigator and Endeavour Class will all offer a half hour slot every Monday, Wednesday and Friday morning based around their topic, question time and celebration time.

Ms Hutton will have a book club every day at 3.00pm for EYFS and KS1

Ms Hutton will have a book club every day at 3.30pm for KS2

Ms Hutton will run a French Club every Friday for KS2 at 1.30pm

Ms Gonzalez will run a Spanish club for EYFS and KS1 every Thursday at 1.00pm

Mrs Greenwood will hold assembly every Friday at 3pm

Diana Mills, our forest school leader, will hold a nature session each Wednesday at 1.30pm (a chance to share some nature activities and compare results and findings)

Zoom Sessions
Literacy Links
Choose a Book!
Phonics Focus
SATs Boot Camp for Year 6
SATS Boot Camp

Counting Stars Tutorial

Got a Ukulele?
Useful Guides for Parents
Guides for Parents
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