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Easter Holidays

April 04, 2020

The Easter holidays are upon us with a chance to take a break from the home schooling and, I hope, to relax a little.  I have been so impressed by everyone’s positive attitude to overcoming issues that have arisen and finding ways that work for your family at home. The work we have posted for the last 2 weeks will remain on the website should you wish to revisit it. I’d also like the children to do a page a week of their maths homework (don't worry which page they're on - we're all out of sync) and to practise spellings in the normal, holiday way. In other words, to review all of the spellings given since September to make sure they can remember the spelling rules and those pesky exception words that don’t follow the rules. The spelling and grammar games on Active Learn provide lots of practice.

While the children will need a rest over the holiday, so we are not posting daily plans for the next two weeks, I’m sure a diversion now and then might be useful. A couple of super art ideas from the children are cartoon drawing at  and one point perspective drawing at

To remind the children of the original Easter story and the Easter miracles, this film might prove interesting:  It is fairly long, so you might want to stretch it out over a few days.

For history fans, the BBC has lots of great stuff on Horrible Histories and their schools history site  We’ve still got dog-eared copies of History Heroes games at home and I’ve noticed they’ve got some free resources that might be enjoyed on


As they have now closed for the duration, quite a few of the screenings of London shows are now free on-line. We watched some of Wind in the Willows at school on Thursday which was great fun.

Years 4, 5 and 6 took part in a Tempest workshop at school recently, so you might be interested in this virtual production by the Oxford based company, Creation Theatre – although it is not free I’m afraid.,6T84L,C1OU1G,R9VI9,1


Tennis is always very popular at break-time and the LTA have some ideas for honing your skills at home over the break on this site,6TII3,IEOR6E,RBAJE,1#.


I notice that National Geographic Kids are making their digital edition free for 3 months too -, which is always worth a read.


I hope you find some ideas you might enjoy here, and if you have any ideas that you’d like to share, please do email Investigators Class and I’ll spread the word.

Best wishes for Easter and stay well,

Mrs Papworth

The Week Ahead

March 29, 2020

Thank you for all the lovely emails letting me know how you're getting on; families are finding ways that work for them and that's great. I know that some of you have found the lessons and activities posted on the buttons above useful, some are dipping in and out, while others have found other resources which the children are enjoying and using to learn. Keeping fit as a family has been a great hit with some of you which is excellent to hear. Whatever approach you take, the children are learning. We're all different, with different family dynamics, and what's really important is staying safe and well and supporting one another. 

I will post the second week's work on the buttons above during the week as before. Work for the week beginning 23rd March will still be available on the button above if there are activities you'd like to revisit. 

If your child has found something that interests them and they'd like to take it further, please do allow them to follow it up. The afternoons, in particular, contain suggestions that could lead in lots of different directions. The BBC clips that are used in art, for example, have been selected from a huge range on the BBC website. I'm sure none of the children need to be reminded of the Horrible Histories songs, Mallory Towers is on iPlayer, there are some great clips and ideas for science  and you'll even find some of those Saturday evening serialised children's stories, that used to be on 20 odd years ago, if you search hard enough.

If you've any questions, please send them to the Investigator Class email and I'll get back to you. 

Thank you so much for all your support for the children and I look forward to hearing how you're getting on this week.

Mrs Papworth

The Week Ahead

March 22, 2020

As Mrs Greenwood explained in her email, plans for the classes are being posted on our class pages. You will see the buttons for each day of the week above and I will link them to suggested ideas. These are just suggestions - it will take time for everyone to settle into another way of working and we will all need to find what works for us. Setting your own timetable (routine is helpful) and doing practical activities linked to your own child's interests will support their learning. Taking regular breaks for exercise and refuelling will also help. And if it all goes pear-shaped some days, don't worry. A story, a board game, making a den behind the sofa and a search for silly jokes on the web may be all that anyone can cope with at times!

A fun start to the day might be to join Joe Wicks, The Body Coach at 9 a.m. every morning. Look for The Body Coach TV channel on You Tube - P.E. with Joe.  He is doing a live session every day!

Much of this week's work is from Twinkl, as I have checked that the links do work if you have registered for free access. If you have not yet registered, the free registration link is available on the Learning Links button. 

Please don't feel you have to print things out - using them on the screen is fine. It might be useful to have an exercise book in which the children record their work to avoid slowly disappearing under a sea of paper over the next few weeks. Please can they date each piece of work so that you can see the progress they make.

I will assume your child is happy with the work and you feel they are comfortable with it unless I hear to the contrary. Please do email the Investigator address with any problems or with any activities your child particularly enjoys. 

With best wishes,

Mrs Papworth

Mid-week Update

March 17, 2020

A quick mid-week update in the light of recent developments might prove useful.

This afternoon, everyone in class checked they could get onto Active Learn to play games (and possibly find worksheets and other activities) if they find themselves at home but feeling well. The information should be in thir planner, but just in case, here it is below.

The format is:

User Name: JBloggs

Password: maths

School code: nett

If maths doesn't work, mathematics or Mathematics1 should. If there is still a problem, please email the office and I will look into it.

Many educational websites are offering free access at the moment, so do take advantage and see what is on offer. A site that we use can be accessed using the following information - go to and enter the code UKTWINKLHELPS. Twinkl have resources covering all areas of the curriculum. If you go to your child's school year, you'll find lots of things they can do linked to the areas I say we'll be covering during the week.

A good interactive science site that covers electricity that we're learning about this term is: 

I hope you find these useful.

The Week Ahead

March 14, 2020

I've read some super conversations this week between a particularly unpleasant Saint Peter and a very repentant sinner and I'm looking forwards to the dialogues the children will be imagining as they justify their 'crimes' to their 'victim'. Don't worry, the crimes we're going to be imagining will be eating the last biscuit in the packet that had been saved for Dad, playing on the iPad after lights out or something equally as heinous. Sorting out the conventions of speech punctuation is tricky so please do take opportunities to point out the use of inverted commas and associated punctuation when you're reading.

In maths Year 4 will be continuing with their work on measure as we calculate perimeters and areas of regular and irregular shapes.

The Year 4s have talked in class about their costumes and I have emphasised that, in line with our environmental concerns, we want to be creative with bits and bobs hidden at the back of the wardrobe, clothes friends might lend us and, if necessary, a visit to a charity shop for second hand items. If you have something that might not be suitable for your child's role but might come in handy for another character, we'd be very grateful to borrow it.

Just a reminder that there are links to Active Learn (Abacus) and lovereading4kids on the Learning Zone page of the website and to the times tables practice site at the top of this page. Let me know if your child has a problem using their user name and password and we can check them at school.

The Week Ahead

March 08, 2020

Continuing with our focus on SPAG this term, we will move from fronted adverbials to speech punctuation this week. We will be thinking about the little, everyday 'crimes' we all commit and writing the conversations we might have in defence of these.

In maths, Year 4 will be looking at measurement of time and length. We will calculate time intervals, solve word problems involving time and use our knowledge of regular shapes to calculate perimeters.

The Week Ahead

March 01, 2020

This week will see a focus on SPAG as we make sure we can use and name the aspects of this area of the curriculum in which we must be confident by the end of the year. 

In maths, Year 4 will be using their written column addition and subtraction skills to solve word problems.

Most Year 4s have now got copies of the parts of the script that they need to learn. Please encourage them to read through as often as possible and if you can take other parts to help them learn the cues and the format of the scene, that would be really useful. I will tell the children about costumes and props shortly but if anyone has dressing up clothes for policemen, cows or other 'fairy tale' themed characters, we would be delighted to borrow them. Please do let me know if you have anything you think may be useful.

The Week Ahead

February 20, 2020

I hope you are all enjoying having a break despite the weather. Just a couple of reminders about things for the holiday:

1. No new spelling words have been given. Children should remind themselves of all spelling rules given since September in preparation for a test on a selection of these words on Wednesday 26th February.

2. One page of the maths homework book should be completed for  marking on Thursday 27th March. For those doing Book 3, this will be Section 2 Test 6. All tests prior to this should also have been completed.

3. Much more exciting! Years 3 and 4 will be doing a play at the end of term 4. I have explained that, if the children would like a main part (everyone will have a part), I will be auditioning during the week of our return. They will need to do a short poem, rhyme or song with lots of action just to give an idea of their willingness to throw themselves into a role.

The Week Ahead

February 01, 2020

Woodlands week for the lucky Year 5s - your turn will come Year 4! Please do reread all the emails to check that the children have got everything they need and please show them where things are in their suitcase. Remember the children have to take their own case from the coach down a bumpy path to the door and then up several flights of stairs if they're in the main building so don't pack anything unnecessary. 

Year 4s will be with Mrs Greenwood and Ms Hutton this week.

In English, they will be learning about different types of poetry and learning a poem for performance. They have been given spellings as normal and will be tested and given further spellings on Thursday.

In maths, Year 4 will be revising and developing their knowledge and understanding of geometric shapes. The first Times Table Prize has been awarded for showing me evidence of 3 tables completed - I'm hoping there will be lots more on my return (and a few for 6 tables perhaps).

The Week Ahead

January 25, 2020

Moving away from our Chinese New Year celebrations, we're going to learn about the story of the Willow Pattern plate this week. We'll hear the romantic tale of the eloping couple who escaped by turning into doves (and the rather more prosaic real beginnings of the design) and write our own variation on a similar theme of escaping from adversity.

In maths, we will continue our in-depth work on fractions - recognising unit and non-unit fractions in lots of different ways, quickly finding equivalent fractions and developing our use of mathematical language to explain our reasoning. 

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